MIND Media

In 2004 we started providing various server services. Since 2011 we are known as MIND Media and are today the leading live streams producer and media server services provider in Estonia. To be able to do this in best possible way, we have developed and maintaining an exquisite Media Delivery Network (MDN) – platform that consists of powerful media servers cluster that can deliver high quality media smoothly for thousands of simultaneous users.

MIND Media has been an outstanding pioneer and an innovator in the Estonian media streaming field. In 2011 we produced the first dynamic (720p HD/576 SD) live stream from a sports event which was also the first ever Estonian sports event to be streamed on the web in real HD quality. We were also the first to develop pay per view solutions for our video players and produce live stream to different type of mobile devices. Due to the massive increase of Facebook users in the world we also took our live streams to this huge social media network, yet again we were the first to do this in the Estonia. In 2012 we produced the first HD live stream with a fully mobile streaming station. Year 2012 has been also ground braking due to our first point-to-point live stream production for television.

MIND Media live streams have been viewed on all major local news portals and always praised for flawless quality.

Our wide range of custom solutions – players, integrations, automation schemas, unique videoproduction manners – have helped to save time and money for many of our dear customers.

We have the privilege to work with the top performers on their field: